Presenting Sameer Daar Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Eleven Ten Consultancy Services

SaSameermeer Daar is a London School of Economics graduate and has been been a solid fixture in the Investment Bank and Trading world working in top tier investments banks during his professional career. Starting out as an intern at the London Stock Exchange to gaining a Finance and Banking education on the Credit Suisse graduate program, Sameer had to adopt a new way of investment banking processes as part of the post Lehman’s era.

"When I started my career in summer 2008 I thought I knew what I was getting myself in for but one month in everything changed! The collapse of Lehman brothers was to change the world of banking and lead me down a regulatory path”

Sameer is a control focused individual who started out in an Operations Risk function. Here Sameer quickly grasped an overview of how institutional firms were run and analysed each area’s processes and provided solid controls to their procedures.

Having had this grasp of the traditional banking operations Sameer moved to Prime Brokerage Client Services to gain an understanding of the services the Sell Side institutions had to offer to the smaller investment vehicles.

Sameer formed great relationships with both his clients and his peers and through servicing his clients, managed to gain valuable knowledge and fulfil his clients' needs with full life cycle services. “Working with the different clients really got me excited. No two clients are the same and getting to know how a client and their business works meant I could better facilitate them above and beyond what they would require”. While doing this role Sameer found his calling while working on upgrading the in-house Prime Brokerage system and in his next role, he was to use his interest in his client’s needs and the necessity for automation while combining this with his control and oversight appetite.

Shortly after joining Japanese Investment bank Nomura he became the Lead business analyst within the credit risk area. Sameer designed, built, and eventually pitched and sold the proprietary system he was brought on board to create. As a Product Owner Sameer has dealt with global regulators, managed developers, and worked with industry experts to ensure the product he created was best in class for his clients' needs. During Sameer’s time at Nomura he has been a regular on the ISDA Credit Risk and Collateral advisory board, has sat on several panels while working with some of the industry lead Fintechs.

Sameer then became a programme manager and worked on multiple projects from vendor management, cost analysis and remediation and fintech automation.

“The Eleven Ten seed was planted back in 2007 as a pipe dream when I was working with John (Fenton) during our time at Bank of New York”

“Having all gone through and survived financial meltdowns and political turmoil, all paths led to the eventual creation of Eleven Ten but now encompassing some new markets”.

Using the knowledge and experiences of the team, Eleven Ten can provide companies with their expertise across the full spectrum of business needs from C-level Executives for hire to marketing, KYC services, advertising and much more.

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