Presenting Lisa Loud Co-founder of Eleven Ten Consultancy Services

0 SGztg6GN MyZj7wELisa Loud has been a strong presence in the fintech world since 2008, when she joined PayPal to lead the launch of PayPal Canada.

“I started as a software developer at Apple and loved the magic and creativity of writing code, as well as the challenge of a sticky problem,” says Lisa. “But after becoming a senior developer and then a manager, I eventually realized that writing software wasn’t going to be enough for me.” That’s when she joined PayPal to manage a larger project with both engineering and marketing teams.

“Back then, I used to laugh at the marketing women at PayPal with their fancy clothes, makeup, and shoes,” she reminisces. “I was still wearing the standard t-shirt and jeans that were the required outfit for a California tech geek. I drew the line at Birkenstocks, but I couldn’t see the need for heels.”

But things have changed. These days, Lisa wears formal business attire to work and meets with employees and clients every day. “As a C-level executive, you are constantly providing guidance and confidence to your team and your partners. Part of that is knowing what you’re talking about, and part of it is looking like you do.”

After leaving her role as head of digital acquisition at PayPal in 2017, Lisa leapt into the innovative and provocative world of blockchain – as CMO, she built the strategy and marketing program at BitMEX, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency trading platforms in 2017. Under her leadership, the company grew the daily trading volume to $6B and monthly revenue to $83M.

More recently, Lisa has served as a C-Level executive for hire for companies in the Fintech space, including a payments company, a blockchain company, and a cryptocurrency company, where she is currently the CEO. Lisa also advises several blockchain companies and is on the board of a California health tech company.

“There are so many innovative companies in the space today that you have to be very careful when choosing which ones to invest time and effort into,” says Lisa, as she speaks about her newly launched consultancy firm, Eleven Ten. “You don’t want be a Mark Cuban who decided he wouldn’t touch Uber in 2010. But on the other hand, how do you leverage your time to provide the most timely guidance to the most promising growing companies?”

Eleven Ten solves this problem by providing C-level executives for hire to companies who are not quite ready to hire their own executive team, but who need the experience and guidance of a seasoned executive. With her partners, John Fenton and Sameer Daar both originally from investment banking and capital markets, Lisa leverages her background efficiently and focuses on helping companies break through the roadblocks and obstacles that might otherwise hold them back.

Lisa was recently featured on BlockTV, speaking about how Facebook’s Libra initiative relates to central banks and the monetary system. She’s an expert consultant on the payment industry and blockchain for Gerson Lehrman Group, the world’s leading company connecting professionals to experts.

Lisa also earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and received her FinTech certification from Oxford Business School. She is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, and is launching a new TED initiative focused on blockchain.

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