Presenting John Fenton Co-founder & CEO of Eleven Ten Consultancy Services

John Fenton

From the start of his career in finance, being one of the youngest retail bank managers in Europe to working on the trading floors of the world’s top tier banks. He brings a much-needed corporate structure and work ethic to the crypto space.

Having been involved in successful multi-million GBP projects for some of the biggest banks around the globe; CITI, UniCredit BBVa and SEB to name a few, his passion for success is second to none and is well respected by his peers in the industry.

He has a wealth of knowledge from his investment banking/hedge fund career and brings in a considerable amount of experience into the crypto sphere.

“After being involved in trading anything from pork bellies to double no touch swaps, gaining experience and knowledge of as many asset classes as possible became a passion”

John has been in the crypto space longer than most and has seen its highs and lows multiple times. The owner and co founder of several successful digital asset space businesses, he has developed a great understanding of the market and its defining factors, he has been involved in C level advisory for many start ups that are now well established industry names.

Eleven Ten is John's vision for an all-encompassing service provider for the market, designed to utilise his connections and partnerships he has acquired in his many years in business for the benefit of the client.

From keynote speaking at events to sitting on the board advising start-ups and established businesses, John aims to add value in every aspect of the market.

“I strongly believe that digital assets will be the future of the financial markets, we are seeing the traditional finance world slowly enter the frame”

“At Eleven Ten we hope to bridge that gap between the traditional finance world and the new emerging digital asset market and help each and every client achieve its initial premise and fulfil its potential”