In light of the current global situation it’s imperative to maximize any potential revenue stream and to have a sustainable business but also cut costs, right?

At Eleven Ten we understand that hiring or maintaining a full time in-house sales or business development team is costly.

It can be a gamble that doesn’t necessarily pay off.

The biggest marketing budget in the world can’t make a business successful if you don’t have a sales team to facilitate and close the deal.

Eleven Ten’s ‘Sales for Hire’ model is a cost effective, tailored and target driven solution to the risk and gamble of hiring in-house.

As part of our service our C level team and Sales Manager’s work with you to define the perfect working model for your business.

We will assess and refine the sales pitch, advise on the marketing strategy and package a solution that will maximize your product or service’s potential sales.

Our team know that trying, as the saying goes “sell ice to a Eskimo”(PC version Inuit) you are destined to fail.

We know if you’re trying to sell something to someone that they don’t really need, you will not succeed as well and be dismissed as speculative spam .

Eleven Ten will match the customer and the product and focus first on the correct target audience before expanding to the potential future markets.

Together we will create a SLA that suits the budget of your business, then set the deliverable’s and targets within the contract terms.

Our experienced sales team will then act on your behalf, either via Eleven Ten or as part of your own team using your own branded email.

Working with Eleven Ten reduces your burn rate as you have an experienced team actively selling your product or service at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team.

In times like these, cutting costs is essential for any sales driven company to be sustainable and come out the other side of the crisis still in business.