The unique C level for hire model we offer has been tailored from our team'smeeting 1 years of management experience.

Most start-ups or in fact many stable successful businesses don’t need or can't afford a full C level board.

From our experience that means the existing C level or directors carry out duties above and beyond a manageable level or are lacking the knowledge in certain aspects.

Eleven Ten will provide access at varying levels to its C level team, who will be on call to deal with the issues or business matters that the client does not have cover for.

Take for example you are a start-up Exchange or Token Issuer that has a business model which cannot warrant a full time COO, Eleven Ten will create a bespoke retainer model to provide dedicated access to one or more of our experienced C level team.

We can provide hourly service retainers to provide you with the most cost effective service. Our C level for hire service can provide the following as though we are part of your team. (Like an Interim C level but not at the same cost to the business)

Advice — Provide insights, comments and feedback via verbal communication or email, on the company’s plans or ongoing operations.

Promotion - Actively promote and make introductions on behalf of the company through our network of business contacts, forwarding company business plans and other materials if requested by the company.

Recruiting - Assist in finding additional resources and team members utilizing our business contacts.

Business Model - Challenge in a constructive manner to design and/or improve the model.

Business Development - We will make introductions to assist in the acquisition of customers, strategic partners or industry/institutional contacts and will attend meetings with such acquired contacts on behalf of the company.

Meetings - Will attend meetings in person or via video conference set monthly C level or company strategy meetings, advisory board meetings and client/customer meetings.

We would assess and tailor this service on a case by case basis ensuring you get exactly what you need.

This is just one of many services Eleven Ten can bring to the market.